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WÖHR History

The WÖHR history at a glance

The Wöhr Schlosserei metalworking shop is founded.

Otto Wöhr Senior takes the master craftsman examination to become a locksmith
Otto Wöhr Senior passes the examination

Otto Wöhr Junior is awarded his certificate of apprenticeship

Otto Wöhr Junior receives his master craftsman's diploma to become a locksmith

The first parking system is being built

Electromechanical parking system type 100
As early as 1962, car parking places have been doubled and cars were parked on top of each other in the underground car park in "Zittelstrasse, Munich".
Wöhr supplied and installed 81 parking systems type 100 for 2 cars each.

Relocation from Korntal to Friolzheim
The company relocates from Korntal to Friolzheim, | where it still conducts its business

Doga 313 is launched
The wonder that makes the most out of minimal space is created and named Doga 313.
Featuring a double-width platform, the Doga 313 could also accommodate 4 vehicles.

Development of the Wöhr Doga 635
The Doga 635 is developed on the basis of the Doga 313 to realize two parking levels in areas with very reduced ceiling heights.
To achieve this feat, the upper platform was swiveled out into the driveway.

Parking systems become key
Wöhr focuses on developing, manufacturing, and installing parking systems.

Introduction of the "Parklift" series
For more comfort while the parking procedure, the Parklift 412 is developed with horizontal platforms.
The platforms also pave the way to successor models Parklift 422 and Parklift 440.

Wöhr introduces the turning and maneuvering aid
Wöhr offers a turning and maneuvering aid in 1:50 scale to support architects, identifying and designing around critical parking situations from the beginning on.

The Parklift 422 makes its way to Zurich
Customers outside Germany also take notice of the user friendliness, safety, and quality of the Wöhr Parklift 422.

Parklift 422 in Malaysia
Wöhr installs the first parking system in the Far East.
In Malaysia, 180 units of the Parklift 422 offers convenient parking spots for the residents of "Faber Heights".

First issue of "Die Parklücke"
The first issue of the Wöhr customer magazine is published in German and English, providing an information platform about modern parking and state-of-the-art parking systems.

"Combilifte" presentation
The "Combilifte" series is presented.
This new development provides even more parking spots by the principle of stacking cars closer together.

Evolution in automatic parking systems with the Parksafe 580
The evolution in automatic parking systems starts with the Wöhr Parksafe 580.
For the first time, drivers do not actually park their own car.
While the system quickly and safely takes care of this automatically, drivers can start walking to work or go shopping.

Founding of Wöhr und Bauer GmbH
Wöhr und Bauer GmbH is founded in Munich for building and barrier-free parking.

Far Eastern Plaza in Taipei
The rapidly growing capital city of Taiwan is joined by a construction project of massive proportions: the Far Eastern Plaza in Taipei, which offers 363 parking spots thanks to an innovative combination of Parking Platforms 501, Combilift 541, and Parklift 411.

Wöhr at the Baucon Asia in Singapore
The construction boom can also be felt at the Baucon Asia in 1993.
A total of 347 companies from 26 countries, including Otto Wöhr GmbH, present their organization and products to an audience of over 8,000 trade visitors.

WÖHR goes www
WÖHR goes online as the first in its branch.

DIN EN ISO 9001 certification

Founding of PGS Parking- und Garagenservice GmbH
PGS Parking- und Garagenservice GmbH is founded as a wholly-owned subsidiary for the service sector of Wöhr car parking systems and third-party solutions.

Car Display Tower
New opportunities for the automotive trade and presentation of vehicles in the Wöhr Car Display Tower, which measures 28 meters in height.

Pallet-free parking with the Multiparker
The innovative Wöhr Multiparker 750 is developed, which realizes pallet-free parking for large projects.

Pilot project in Munich
The showcase pilot project in Munich creates 284 underground parking spots for residents in Donnersbergerstraße.
The vehicles are now parked below street level.
Above, cafés now dot the roadside.

Wohr Parking Systems PVT, Indien
A joint venture is founded in India with Wohr Parking Systems PVT.
With a total floor space measuring approximately 2,100 m², sales, production, and assembly activities are accommodated.

Certificate of excellence for promoting new talent
Certificate of excellence for promoting new talent in further education and training.

Parking problems disappear underground
At the courtyard of the "Palazzo Compostella già Dolfin" in Crema, Italy, parking problems simply disappear underground with the Parklift 462.

Germany – Land of Ideas
The residents' underground parking garage in Donnersbergerstraße, Munich is formally recognized with an award on April 2, 2008.

Wöhr car parking systems for preserving the environment
All WÖHR parking systems pursue the idea of environmentally-friendly parking, whereby space-saving system technology is employed to maintain green spaces.
Automated resident garages minimize the need to look for parking spots on the street.
Innovative parking concepts help reduce CO|2| |emissions in congested city environments.

Certification for railway approval
WÖHR receives certification to obtain railway approval for welding railway vehicles and vehicle parts in accordance with the DIN EN 15085-2 standard-

Three new model series
A total of three new, innovative technologies makes its debut: the Combiparker, the Slimparker, and the Crossparker.

February 2012
1,074 parking spots in Mumbai
Wöhr realizes a major project in Mumbai, India with the Multiparker 760, which offers 1,074 parking spots.

March 2012
400,000 parking spots around the world
WÖHR offers the most comprehensive product range worldwide and installs more than 400,000 parking spots, of which over 30,000 are found in Asia alone

August 2012
Parking at a height in excess of 112 meters
WÖHR reaches new dimensions by making it possible to park directly in front of your "Hamilton Scotts" apartment in Singapore.

Wöhr at BAU 2013 in Munich
WÖHR presents a new Combilift technology live, in 1:1 scale, at BAU 2013 in Munich.
The innovative "Combiparker 556" technology allows vehicles to be parked in a stacked configuration of up to six levels, three rows deep.
The self-supporting design within the 2 and 3-car grid modules enables clear, convenient passage to the rear parking rows.
The futuristic Design-Carport is an impressive example of the implementation of innovative, digital metal design and metal finishing processes combined with Wöhr’s core competency in sheet metal processing technologies.


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