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Multiparker 710

The Multiparker 710 utilizes clever and smart the available surface and provides parking space on 4 to 8 levels.

The Multiparker 710 offers space saving parking in a structure similar to a high-rack shelving system and is particularly suited to wider structures. Car transport is arranged crosswise. It is possible to provide the Multiparker 710 with a turntable unit which simultaneously during transport and lifting, turns the car into the exit position.


  • As tower and/or pit version providing 2 to 8 parking levels
  • Automatically operated parking systems for 10 to more than 100 cars
  • Variable system length available
  • Multiple row arragnements with up to 2 parking rows behind each other
  • Well adaptable to individual project requirements
  • Safe for user and cars (no narrow ramps, dark stairs, no damage caused by theft or vandalism)
  • Customazible arrangement of the transfer area
  • Integrated Turntable option available
  • Very fast access time by use of a quick-change pallet system
  • No ramps and driving lanes
  • No costly illumination and ventilation necessary
  • Different car heights possible, e.g. Vans, SUVs
  • For car weight up to 2.5 t, higher loads are possible after consultation with Wöhr
  • Easy operation with several control options, e.g. transponder chip or remote control
  • Suitable for residential- and office buildings and for public parking
  • Following the idea of "Green-Parking"

Product variants




Project report 13 - New Residential- and Office Building - Madrid, Spain Data sheet 710-730 Technical notes

Utilisation : Office/Apt./Business Hotel/Mall Public Parking Rehab/Renovation

Structure : System with central entrance

User group : Long-term parking Visitors/long-term parking Public parking Valet parking


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